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Riverside Bail Bonds.

Law enforcement, aided by helicopters, moved in on street racers Saturday night as they sped from Moreno Valley to Jurupa Valley, stopping them and checking an estimated 250 vehicles and detaining about 400 people, a Riverside County Sheriff’s news release said. While drivers were checked for impaired driving cars were screened for equipment and auto safety violations. There were seven misdemeanor arrests ranging from driving under the influence to speeding. 12 cars were impounded. 41 traffic citations were issued for equipment and vehicle code violations. The Monday release said. Six men were booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center.. About 10 p.m. Saturday, “a large group congregated in Moreno Valley, driving recklessly through the city, blocking intersections and racing.” the release said, multiple concerned citizens called 911 to report the group traveling into Perris and eventually to Jurupa Valley in the vicinity of Agua Mansa Road.. Authorities stopped the group there. Agencies involved included the Moreno Valley and Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s stations, the California Highway Patrol, and helicopters from the Sheriff and the Riverside Police Department’s aviation units. The release noted that there has been a “marked increase in street racing…throughout the regio. Ages 6 and 7 " Brothers Dominic and Antonio Gonzalez, were killed earlier this month in Mead Valley when the car they were riding in was struck head-on by a Honda Accord that smashed head-on into the car they were riding in. Which fled the accident scene the California Highway Patrol said the Honda’s driver was on the wrong side of the road because it was racing with another car.

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