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The city of Riverside is located in the heart of the County of Riverside and also falls into the Inland Empire metropolitan area.


This city is located just 60 miles east of the famous Los Angeles and is filled with beautiful scenery. The city of Riverside is the fifty ninth most populated city in the United States and twelfth most populated city in the state of California. According to the 2010 Census, the city of Riverside has a population of a little over three hundred thousand people.


This city is extremely diverse with the majority of the population being white. However, the atmosphere of the city is relaxing and inviting. All of the residents are extremely kind and welcoming. The city also has many night clubs and bars for people that are looking for an exciting night of fun. Also the Riverside Police Department does an amazing job at keeping this city safe.


They set up random checkpoints throughout the city to make sure that no one is driving under the influence in order to keep the streets as safe as possible. So this city is definitely one that everyone in the state of California should visit at some point in their lives.


city of riverside ca
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