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High Speed Pursuit Ends in Casualty

Earlier this week there was a high speed pursuit in the city of Riverside involving a pickup truck driven by a man with a passenger. The two were stopped for a busted tail light, but when the officer approached the vehicle, the driver sped off and began firing a weapon at the officer. Luckily the officer was not hit and was able to call for backup and pursue the suspects in his vehicle. As the chase ensued, the driver ended up getting on the freeway, where he led the police on a pursuit travelling at high rates of speed. The police tried to shoot the tires of the vehicle and were able to get the two back tires, which brought the truck to a stop. However, as the police surrounded the vehicle with guns drawn, the two suspects walked outside with their guns drawn as well and began firing at the police. The police ended up shooting both suspects fatally wounding them. The two men were pronounced dead at the scene of the crime and no officers or civilians were injured.


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