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Located at 4102 Orange St. Riverside, CA 92501, the Riverside Police Department is the largest municipal police agency in Riverside County. There are a total of 110 sworn officer, 25 reserve officers, and a total of 60 civilian personnel.


The Riverside Police Department is rather large and it contributes to all of the departments in the county of Riverside. The men and women employed here are motivated to work with the community in order to figure out new ways to keep the city as safe as possible. It is essential that the community works with the police department in order to find new dangers that lie within the city.


The men and women of the police department are limited to what they see is going on while they are on patrol in the city. This is why the police department is always open and eager to hear from any concerned citizen about a crime that they have observed or if they would like to volunteer their free time to help out in the community. It is important that everybody contributes to the safety of the city or it would be nearly impossible for the residents of the city to be safe at all times.


The Police Chief works every day with his staff to make sure that the entire department is always organized and is working as efficiently as possible to get all of the criminals out of the city. It is his job to keep all of the officers ready and motivated when they go out into the street and risk their lives for people they have never met. The police department in its entirety is made up of smaller divisions, which helps separate the work load and responsibilities.


This makes it easier for everyone to complete tasks, but it relies on the communication among each other in order to work properly. Some of the different divisions in the department include: Administration, Financial Division, Investigations Division, Patrol Division, and the Support Division. Separately, each division would not be able to make sure that the city is safe, but when they all come together for a case, then it will be done efficiently and correctly. Whenever someone is arrested in the city of Riverside, they will be taken to the Riverside Police Department.


Once there they will go through the booking process and will be held until the inmate is bailed out of jail or is transferred to the county jail. The inmate’s case for his or her charges will usually be sent to the Riverside Superior Courthouse. The court will then determine if there is enough evidence to create a case against the inmate or if the charges should be dismissed.

riverside sheriff's station
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